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An Event by Sahitya
The Official Literary Society Of DTU

As evident, the quiz will test your knowledge on something we all are really fond of, ie Music, Entertainment, Literature and Arts. Delhi Technological University's Engifest, in collaboration with Syaahi, the Literary Fest of DTU presents the ultimate MELA Quiz! Are you guilty of binge-watching show after show through the nights? Has your sleep been a victim of your inability to let go without turning the next page? This quiz is the right place to reward you for giving it to all your temptations. From Game of Thrones to Oscars and Grammy trivia, from Shakespeare facts to Van Gogh’s biography; see how well you can recall some of the mind boggling intricacies you know. So mark your dates for the most amazing morning to indulge in some brainstorming and exciting trivia!

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Rules of the Event

  • A team limit of 2 has been set for the event. More than one team from the same college can register for it.
  • The prelims and the finals will be conducted on the same day. Six teams with the highest score in the prelims shall proceed to the finals.
  • Use of cellphone is strictly prohibited. Any sort of unfair means will lead to disqualification from the event.